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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal, green energy souces and diagrams. (Photo credit: GreenCube Publishing)

What Is Geothermal Energy?
The use of "Geothermal Energy" for home, greenhouse and offices is one of the fastest growing trends globally. The word
"geo-thermal" simply means "earth-heat": GEO (earth), THERMAL (heat) 

Many people are confused with what Geothermal Energy actually is. The simplest definition is that it is "heat" from the
"earth", however it is important to understand there are three (3) basic types and not just one:
   High Grade-     300°F to 700°F
   Medium Grade-  80°F to 250°F
   Low Grade-        50°F to  65°F (available everywhere in the world)

                     Photo credit: GreenCube Publishing   
                                        High grade Geothermal                 Medium grade Geothermal                   Low grade Geothermal

Available In Every Country Of The World
High grade and Medium grade geothermal are quite rare in most of the world, however "Low grade geothermal" is common
and available in virtually every country of the world and in every climate.

This "Low grade geothermal" is the grade that was used for the past 18 years by Russ to heat his home, workshop and 
16'x80' greenhouse -20°F temperatures and still grow healthy crops of fruits, vegetables and tropical flowers without any 
other heat source. Low-grade geothermal is referred to as 'Geo-Air' and not geothermal.

Not only is he using this very accessible and "free" geothermal energy, he method is using the new "geoair" technology
which everyone, including university professors say, will not work. It is, in fact functioningvery well and even more efficient
than he ever expected.

Circulate Air, Not Water 
His "geoair" concept uses "air", and not "water" or "anti-freeze" to collect, circulate and store the geothermal  energy.
Because of this, the initial cost is 50% less and maintenance costs are 90% less. 

Low grade Geothermal is available to virtually everyone; less maintenance and less expensive per BTU than either solar cells
or wind energy. [ see Geoair Energy and Citrus In The Snow links ] 

Low grade Geothermal energy provides both heating and cooling in Canadian climates or Arizona desert climates. It's the
most efficient and cost effective energy source and truly eco friendly and sustainable. 


"If you have earth under your home
you also have geothermal energy"