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Citrus In The Snow: THE REPORT 
He Proved The Professors Were Wrong

Russ Finch inside his Citrus greenhouse in Nebraska. (Photo credit: Russ Finch)
                   Russ Finch in his greenhouse orchard

Many people have heard of Russ and his "Citrus In The Snow Greehouse" over the past several years. Very few even believed
the story they heard of a "free energy greenhouse producing oranges in sub-zero weather".  Most thought that if it did exist
then the technology must be much more complicated than was reported. Could this incredible project be real? 

There were a couple reasons his story did not make news headlines. One is that Russ is a fairly private person and did the project 
only for himself and not for fame, fortune or publicity. The other reason is that he and his incredible achievements were tucked 
away in the corner of Rural America and not very accessible to the news media.

His story of a "greenhouse in the snow" and "oranges in the snow" using "free energy" have seemed quite impossible to most, 
and almost a legend to others. The most fantastic part of the story is that virtually anyone could do it, and virtually anywhere in
the world by simply using the normal heat stored in the ground below their home.  ..."it's that simple".

Living Proof- 
"Embarrassed University professors, a little news media, and a USDA delegation.."

            Geothermal greenhouse.  (Photo credit: Russ Finch)
                                                                             Sub-zero winter in the "geo air" greenhouse orchard

Finally, after being featured in the January 2009 issue of the Nebraska Life Magazine, a 10 person delegation was assembled from 
the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and went to his legendary home and greenhouse to see for themselves. 

As one would expect, they were all in complete awe that such a simple technology could actually function so efficiently in this
sub-zero climate and continue to produce tropical flowers, citrus fruits and vegetables as though it were in Southern Florida 
or California. They were simply viewing first hand, too many things they had believed were impossible.

Simple "Low Grade Geothermal" energy from beneath his home
Geothermal heating with only "air" and not liquid
No expensive "geothermal heat pumps"
 No heat exchangers
No supplemental heating in the greenhouse for nearly two decades at sub-zero
Premium citrus, floral, and other fruit production
Extremely low water consumption
No system mold or fungus
Installation costs at only a fraction of present geothermal exchange systems
Virtually no maintenance costs for decades

His project started in 1979 when he and his wife Darlene decided to build their luxury three story, 4400 sq/ft dream home, atrium
and garage yet also cut energy costs during the beautiful sub-zero winters on the Nebraska plains. Eventhough his "energy concept"
was termed, "not possible" by the University professors and other professionals, Russ continued with his blind logic.

The Impossible Was Very Efficient
"The heating for the home and huge atrium was so efficient all those years", Russ said, "that in 1992 we got bold and decided to 
build a 16'x80' greenhouse using the same geothermal concept using air circulation".  The result was his Citrus In The Snow which
is now producing luscious crops of oranges, lemons, grapes and tropical flowers, ...with no heating or cooling costs.

                                Geothermal, geoair greenhouse. (Photo credit: GreenCube Publishing)                      Geothermal, geoair homes. (Photo credit: GreenCube Publishing)
                                              Greenhouses in sub-zero weather                                             Homes in 115°F desert

Whether you want to heat a giant greenhouse in sub-zero temperatures, or cool a home in 115° desert heat, this simple technology
can do it very efficiently with only a circulation blower. This is not a "concept", it's a proven reality with more than 30 years of real life
testing and fine tuning.

Read The "Citrus In The Snow" Report Now!
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"With his Report, a geo-air system
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