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Geo Air Technology
Geo Air 'vs Geo Liquid
There are actually two principle technologies for the movement and storage of Geothermal Energy. Most people have only heard
of "Geo Liquid" and for some reason has become the standard option for "Low Grade Geothermal" systems.

                                        Geo-Liquid method                                                                           Geo-Air method

Geo Liquid- This is the most widely promoted method by HVAC dealers and when you question them you will be told it is the
most energy efficient means to move and store heat and cold energy. 

A Geo Liquid system is delivered by thick wall Polyethylene (PE) tubing and the size is generally 1" in diameter. The tubing laid
underground in fairly shallow trenches, generally 3-6 feet deep and 5-10 feet wide.  The tubing is coiled and tied which is quite
labor intensive. The coils of tubing are called "slinky" coils. It is used in both Geothermal and Solar systems. 

The coiled tubing is then filled with a liquid made of water and anti-freeze to reduce corrosion and inhibit freezing.

Geo Air- Is seldom used by professional installers. Supposedly the reason it is not used is because we are told it is not as efficient
as liquid systems. This is based on the physics principle that "liquid" stores energy, both heat and cold, better than "air" and we
most people simply do not question this theory.

Geo Air uses larger and thinner 4-6" tubing and the system is simply filled with air, thus eliminating any corrosion or the need for
expensive "heat exchangers". 

The air tubes are laid in trenches 4-10 feet deep and require no coils or annual maintenance.

Geo Air Is More Cost Effective Than Geo Liquid
Although most professionals have disagreed, the actual research and testing by Russ Finch for 35 years on his 4000 sq. ft. 
home and 18 years with his 16'x80' greenhouse, Geo Air is very energy efficient, 50% less expensive to install, and 90% less cost
in maintenance in a 35 year test period. All of this have been well documented including inspection and evaluation of his Geo Air
system by researchers from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The amazing results of his 35 year "real life" study have been published in the new "Citrus In The Snow" report.  [ see Link ]
This is the updated 2010 version of his Report

The details of Russ's Report will allow anyone to easily build a "geo air" system, either professionally or as a DIY consumer.